Module Brief

‘At the outset of this brief you must identify an image, artefact or object (it must be a work of art) from a museum, gallery or private collection.

Once you have chosen an artefact, it will provide the starting point for a body of work that you will make in response to it.  It is important that you understand we are not looking for you to make a slavish copy of your chosen artefact, but instead we want you to take an innovative and experimental line of investigation that emerges from this image / object.  It may be interesting to select from outside of your discipline area.  A painting may provide inspiration for a filmmaker / photographer, a tapestry may arouse the interest of a sculptor, a ceramic vase may be the motivation for a printmaker, a wooden chair may stimulate a project for a painter etc. Initially spend time with your artefact; draw it, think about it, get to know it – dig deep. Then begin your creative journey which can be inspired by either physical or conceptual features of your object / image, its meaning, function, cultural value, narrative and importantly its context should all be taken into consideration.  We expect you to make a tangential and thorough exploration through drawing, documenting, writing and making that culminates in a body of work in your chosen media.  This process of development will be recorded within your Timeline and should be built upon as your work themes become self-directed. Reference in your final artwork(s) to the original artefact may be minimal, however the subject must be thoroughly researched, investigated and reflected upon.’


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