Week 1

To get us thinking about the different ways you can interpret an artwork, we did a series of workshops in the first week. We all had to bring in a printed copy of an artwork and then swap it with someone else. I ended up with Cara’s Lucian Freud portrait, ‘Reflection (Self Portrait.)

‘Reflection (Self Portrait) Lucian Freud

We then had to make a quick drawing, sculpture, performance, photograph and painting of the given piece. I found this really frustrating – I haven’t touched portraiture since A levels, or painting for that matter. I treated the tasks more as performances in themselves – I focused on recreating the gestures etc and was less interested in the product or it’s visual resemblance.


Being in a situation where I had to think in a figurative, visual way was a real challenge. My outcomes aren’t amazing at all and I didn’t get much out of it – this isn’t a valuable method for me. It did reinforce in my mind where my interests lie however, and I know not to dally in things that I’m not passionate about like I did last year. (I felt like I spent the year trying things out that I didn’t enjoy at all and didn’t make much work I was proud of as a result.)

I didn’t complete the rest of the tasks as I went to London and then Venice, but they were incredibly useful and inspirational experiences so I think it was worthwhile missing out on this.


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